Furniture Production Associate
11 Ravens
Posted on 07/16/21

About Furniture Production Assistant


Job Summary:

11 Ravens, specializing in the design and manufacturing of luxury custom game tables, furniture, and more, is seeking an associate to work alongside our Production Manager.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Visit our five main manufacturers and our two main finishers weekly to oversee progress

with orders, answer questions, ensure they have all materials necessary to work on our

orders, ensure they are staying on track in terms of timing, and conduct final inspection and

quality control of completed orders.

  • Coordinate the movement of orders from the “builder” to the “finisher” and from the

“finisher” to the “crating company”.

  • Oversee the packing and crating process of every order to ensure that items are handled

with care, packed and crated properly, and that every component of the order is accounted


  • Create systems for streamlining and fine tuning internal processes in order to improve

efficiency, accuracy and quality in order processing.

  • Assist the Production Manager in anything he may need including but not limited to:

managing restoration of items, researching supplies, attending local delivery/installations,

communicating with clients, purchasing and more.

  • Seek to continuously improve the quality of our products.


  • Must be a fantastic human being. We are eager to add the best of the best to our growing
  • Experience working hands on with factory teams or in a furniture factory setting. Prior knowledge of game tables is not required, we can train you on those details.
  • Understanding of building furniture and knowledge of materials.
  • Physical strength for installation and some manual labor.
  • Spanish language ability preferred, but not required. Bilingual is always a plus.

What you can expect from us:

● We'll be frank - our stuff is cool, and when you show our line to designers, their eyes

will light up. The designs, the finishes, and the versatility of our products will wow

them, and will put a smile on their face.

● Niche - We fill an important need - we allow clients to have the games they've always

wanted in their home (ie. pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, foosball, etc) without

compromising on design and style. The dreaded old-fashioned pool table is a real

thing. The client that invests in building and furnishing their dream home doesn't want

game tables they'll be embarrassed to show their friends - they want the coolest tables

money can buy that will make a statement and complement their decor, which is

exactly what we give them.

● Quality - We manufacture all of our products in Anaheim, CA. All items are

handcrafted and finessed to ensure complete perfection.

● Customization - Customization is our specialty. We offer clients a wealth of options to

allow them to create their dream piece to complement their decor.

● Reputation - We have an outstanding reputation and have been featured in the Robb

Report, Uncrate, Forbes, Inc Magazine, the LA Times, the Boston Globe, Amex

Centurion, among other publications.

● Association - Celebrities love us too! Past clients include Ellen Degeneres, Steve

Gerrard, Steve Harvey, Sean Combs, Lilly Singh, and Wayne Gretzky among others.

● Track record - Our tables can be found in major hotels including Nobu Caesars

Palace, MGM Mandalay Bay, W Hotel Bellevue, and Hilton Key Largo.

● Team - Our team is small but mighty. You'll be well-supported from day one to make

sure you're off to a great start. Also, we're quirky and fun!