Kravet & House Beautiful Talk Lipstick And Curated Design
Posted on 11/25/15
VSCO Cam-8 Accessories are a sensitive subject, and many designers take sourcing the finishing touches that can make or break a project — that elusive final 20% — quite seriously. Last week, House Beautiful Editor in Chief Sophie Donelson joined a panel of elite designers including Jeffery Alan Marks, Michael Berman, and Barclay Butera at the Kravet Showroom (Suite B624) to discuss what it takes to find the perfect pieces to make a project truly exceptional. The panelists also touched on their curatorial role for Kravet's recently launched, an exclusive resource offering an assortment of hand-picked furnishings and accessories to the interior design trade. These "Curated Rooms" by some of the most well-regarded names in the industry, aim to help designers find inspiration in the form of finished, immersive, and fully shoppable spaces. The conversation started with a brief introduction by each panelist, and a light-hearted exchange on their most significant accomplishments to date, yet quickly transitioned to address the central question of the night: how do designers approach curating accessories for their projects? Curating in this context, explained Jeffrey Alan Marks, means that every element carries a designer’s seal of approval. Given their pivotal role anchoring a project, accessories are seldom selected by anyone other than the designer, as they require a particular first-hand understanding of the space, and sensitivity to the overall aesthetic of a project. Barclay Butera stressed the importance of taking a curatorial approach to sourcing accessories, as these items are integral to any space as a reflection of a designer's brand. Kravet 1 While there is no question that the internet has become an exceptional resource for designers, all three panelists agreed that there is still significant value to familiar brick and mortar stores. Micheal Berman shared that just as designers may acquire a collection of favorite shops, many are now developing a list of favorite online destinations. However one recurring issue of sourcing online, even for seasoned professionals, is not being able to accurately gauge the scale of certain items. Room vignettes, like those developed in partnership with Curated Kravet, aim to help design professionals and end consumers avoid such obstacles. Kravet 2 Wrapping up, as a nod to House Beautiful’s upcoming 125th anniversary, Sophie Donelson asked the panelists to share any enjoyable outdated trends in accessories and decor. Standouts included overly angular flower arrangements featuring the formerly-ubiquitous Birds of Paradise. Passé or not, Michael Berman admitted to having a soft spot for China Mums and Carnations as an alternative. Peek "Behind the Curated Curtain" at
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