Aesthetically Speaking Session 1

A. Rudin Presents: The Art of Reimagined Materials

In sculpture, art, fabrics, and furnishings, a material’s look, feel, and durability are of the utmost importance. How does a powerful material inspire the artist’s creation and help it withstand the test of time? How does an artist/product designer select materials used for each piece and is the process different for everyone? Has their decision been impacted by the pandemic, for example, trying a new material because they did not have access to the material they would normally choose?

Join our esteemed panelists for a discussion on how materials inform their work. Moderator: Josh Cooperman, Host of Convo by Design Panelists: Sue Firestone, SFA Design Mario Romano, M.R. Walls Nicole Landau, Multimedia Artist Sandra Vlock, Studio Vlock

Thank you to our gracious showroom sponsor A. Rudin and to our partner, Communication Arts and Design, for partnering with the PDC for the first event of Aesthetically Speaking: a virtual series engaging the brightest minds in design.