Tidelli: Global Success and Cultural Collaborations

Episode 8

Tidelli, a Brazilian luxury outdoor furniture brand, is a global success due to their creativity, versatility, and openness to collaborate with top international designers. Today we explore the exciting adventure, travels, and exquisite cultural design element with Érika Santos, Director of Style for Tidelli, and superstar designers and friends César Giraldo and Sami Hayek to hear about how each created new collections with Tidelli.

In This Exciting New Episode… Join Host/Producer, Jennifer Convy, Director of Women in Luxury Design, as she leads a colorful discussion on the power of creativity, cultural influences and collaborations in both design and opportunities. Tidelli is a Brazilian company with a global business that prides itself on constant innovation, versatility and creativity. They are always expanding ideas and certainly have done so with their latest Latina collection, enlisting the talents of the world’s best designers to create and collaborate brand new lines, which keep Tidelli’s stunning outdoor furniture IN DEMAND.

We will hear from Érika Santos, Style Director of Tidelli worldwide, who is also a style influencer with over 1.5 million IG followers. Meet our esteemed superstar designers César Giraldo from Colombia and Sami Hayek of Mexico who now reside in Los Angeles. They are great friends who believe in sharing connections and resources with each other and believe that is how the design industry should be. They lead by example. Now, each has their own collection with Tidelli named after their hometowns: Medellín and Veracruz in the Latina collection. We’ll learn about the unexpected surprises in the creative process, the power of relationships and opportunities in design, the journey to their incredible photoshoot for the collection in Brazil’s oldest castle, and more!