Join us on a visual journey where each piece tells a unique story and offers a glimpse into the creativity of our featured artists

Blue Lobby: Betsy Enzensberger
On View through September 2024

Betsy Enzensberger is a Southern California-based pop artist who is known for her whimsical resin sculptures. Her flagship Original Melting Pops™ series has had international recognition and acclaim. She has exhibited with galleries domestically in Los Angeles, Miami, Des Moines, Dallas, Charlotte, and New York, and internationally in Hong Kong, London, Stockholm, Belgium, Hamburg, Singapore, and Byron Bay. “It is my intention to spark joy and inspire nostalgia by utilizing the unifying form of the ice pop. If I can connect with someone across the world over a simple thing like an ice pop, then I feel like I have created a sense of unity and positive connection. Why are they melting? This element begs for the sculptures to be rescued. Once saved from impending doom, the sculpture is then coveted in its partially melted form. The perfectly imperfect half melted sculpture is the epitome of the series title “Tragically Sweet.”” – Betsy Enzensberger

The Art Wolf Gallery Presents: The Female Gaze
Suite B-653
On View through July 31, 2024

The Female Gaze features seven incredible contemporary women artists in sculpture, painting, photography, and ceramics.  Featuring: Justina Blakeney, Osiris Zuñiga, Sofia Peters, Lareina Holsopple, Susanna Speirs Ali, Lois Samuels, and dopez. Located in Suite B-653.

Blue Lobby: Archie Held
On View through September 2024

Archie Held is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been creating sculptures since the late 1970s. Archie Held specializes in large-scale abstract sculptures, primarily utilizing bronze and stainless steel. His works evoke a sense of harmony, balance, and elegance with many designs incorporating water as a central element. Held’s work is in many famous collections such as George Lucas, Bob Weir, Carol Burnett, Iman and David Bowie, Larry Ellison, Melinda and Bill Gates and Charles Schwab. Held holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from UCLA. For further information please contact Desta Gallery here or call 415 384-8762.

Green Lobby: DeWitt Godfrey
On View through September 2024

The Pacific Design Center is pleased to present an installation by DeWitt Godfrey. DeWitt Godfrey is a sculptor working in Hamilton, NY who creates large scale sculptures. His work employs carefully conceived structural processes, combining cutting edge digital technologies with custom craftsmanship, all grounded in empirical knowledge and experimentation. Natural geometries and systems – plant spores, seashells, honeycombs – inspire his sculptures; and through his unique process of packing and stacking of conic and cylindrical steel forms, simple rules give rise to extraordinary complexity. Godfrey serves as the Peter L. and Maria T. Kellner Endowed Chair in Arts, Creativity, and Innovation at Colgate University. A graduate of Yale University (BA in Art) and Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland (MFA/sculpture), Godfrey was also a member of the inaugural group of CORE Fellows at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Godfrey has received numerous grants and fellowships, including the National Endowment for the Arts Artist’s Fellowship, the New York Foundation for the Arts Artists Fellowship, the Japan Foundation Artist’s Fellowship, and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Artist Fellowship. Godfrey’s work can be found in several private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Brooklyn Museum, Portland International Airport (PDX), and Art OMI. Learn more about the artist at

Blue Lobby: Julio Sims
On View through September 2024

Julio Sims brings a unique voice to public art through his ability to combine site-specific elements (architectural, historical, cultural) and add a surprising, often humorous twist where viewers slowly reveal meaning through their physical exploration. This approach mirrors his belief that the sublime, revelatory and divine are often in plain view, yet commonly overlooked. ICARUS’ ASCENT: Humanity holds an irresistible need for creative expression. ‘Universal energy’, ‘creative flow’, ‘divine inspiration’ all allude to instances when we experience ourselves as channels for a powerful, limitless source beyond our individual selves. Yet, if one is ungrounded, the creative flame can singe the moth or melt Icarus’ wings. Visit for more information.




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